11/11/15 Downloadcode - Order physical copy

Finally the downlaodcodes can be redeemed under http://www.lim.li/download/
I apologise for the delay and the circumstances!

Furthermore, a physical copy in form of a limited (444 copies) vinyl can now be ordered here.

1/11/15 End of BBBBB-Tour

What a great ending of the tour at KC Grad!!

I sincerely want to thank everybody who came out and supported us along the road!

Thanks Ana, Damaris, Jasmin, Judith, Laura, Nico & Pascal!
Thank you André for your huge support!
Thank you "In Absentias": Ana, Nikola & Srdjan! You all are cvetiće ;) !

24/10/15 Victoria Bar SOLD OUT! – This evening: Café Kafka

What an awesome evening at at Victoria-Bar on Wednesday. We never expected the event to be sold out! We're speechless, flattered, but we're also so sorry for all the people who couldn't watch the show.

Next show tonight at Café Kafka, Bruxelles (BE)!

20/10/15 Record Release Party / Album Out Now!

We had a great record release party at Ono Berne! Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us.

We're looking forward to the release party at Victoria-Bar tomorrow!
Check out our Album on Spotify or buy it on Bandcamp / iTunes!
Don't forget to listen to In Absentias great EP Far Out!

15/10/15 HOLM Remix: Sitting and Waiting

Check out this awesome REMIX by HOLM of Sitting and Waiting:

12/10/15 Pre-Order

The LP "" is available for digital pre-order!

5/10/15 Single Release: Queen Of The Night

Today we release Queen Of The Night our first track of the upcoming LP!
We're eager to show you the rest of the album and we all are looking forward to our tour start on October 17th!

23/10/15 Cover Printing

We just finished printing the front & back covers of the new vinyl @ bleilaus.ch !
Very excited to see how the album goes into its final stage and to get one's own hand onto each uniquely letterpressed cover.
We are very thankful to Nicolas Jakob of bleilaus for his huge help and for the precious experience!